Steelblasting Booth / Painting Booth


Ferral offers an excellent framework for carrying out blasting and painting services of various types of materials and equipment, with approximately 309m² of available area and duly approved and licensed by the Environmental Agency.

Steelblasting Booth – the booth of abrasive jet is usually operated with steel shot and usability for two operators. It has a dust collector system (helicoidal tread and lift pitcher), retractable roof and 02 gantry cranes with a total capacity of 20 tons, to facilitate the movement and operation of materials to be treated and a system of exhaust and filtering of dust in suspension.

Painting Booth – Strategically located next to the blasting booth, allowing any blasted material to be relocated with the same gateway, thus reducing the handling time and the weather exposure. It has a system of exhaustion and filtering of pollutants particulate. We usually work with compressed air (spray gun/ink tank) and Airless painting system.

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