50 Years


Homero Armando Xavier Gomes founded Ferral in 1959. The initial idea was to produce aluminum frames, which was then a novelty in the market. However, the product manufacturing with aluminum did not last even a year and the company began to focus on steel, specializing in steel structures. His main clients were Vale do Rio Doce Company and Aracruz Celulose, for which Ferral provided mats for loading ore.

During the 70s, the company manufactured products for companies in the mining sector, for Vale Sul Alumínio, and some sectors of civil construction for RFFSA. By 1976, Ferral also started producing equipment for the oil industry.

In the 80s, Marcus and Sandra, sons of the founding partner, assumed the presidency of the company. The new management team brought new contracts in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Even though, in 1982, Ferral faced a major crisis; it was the end of the “economic miracle” in Brazil and the steel molds for the civil construction industry that contributes to its permanence in the market.

In the 90s, the company showed a growth period, when its major projects were for the civil sector. During this period Ferral worked with companies such as Odebrecht, Queiroz Galvão, OAS, Andrade Gutierrez, Camargo Corrêa and Carioca Christiani Nielsen Engenharia.

In 1994, Homero, the founding partner passed away, but the company continued its activities in normal coarse with the direction of his sons.

In 2001, Ferral closed its first contract with Petrobras and its main product became the Laydown Heads. From this agreement Ferral increased even more its quality and obtaining certificates of ISO and OHSAS.

Continuing to invest in technology to produce sophisticated equipment in the oil-electrical industry, Ferral arrived in 2009, completing its 50 years of history, always seeking primacy of quality.

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