The Company


Ferral is a traditional industry offering creative solutions for middle sized to large projects in the industrial equipment market since 1959.

Located in a 15.000m2 property, Ferral uses the most modern machinery for plant, mechanical and boiler services.

To meet project requirements such as cargo movement, transport and storage; vessels movement; hydro-mechanic equipments and construction work equipments, Ferral follows strict quality control standards, meeting deadlines, witch saves costs and time for it’s clients.

Ferral maintains it’s quality over the years by systematically investing in production means, purchasing up-to-date equipments, reviewing technical and operational skills of it’s staff members through refreshing courses in Brazil and abroad, researching, developing and improving new technologies in response to specific needs of it’s products, consolidating it’s presence in the local and international markets as a high quality industry, highlighting it’s participation in the Latin American market, as well as exploring new frontiers in other countries.

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